Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The base of all our infusions. 

In the western mountains of Crete there is an endless extension of lush olive groves surrounded by the sea. This area is called Kolymbari. Here, the weather conditions give origin to a special microclimate prized for the cultivation of a particular small olive very high in polyphenols called Koroneiki. It has been cultivated on the island of Crete for centuries. 


Balanced aromatic flavor: Koroneiki olive oil is not too robust or complex which makes it an excellent oil for a variety of recipes.

High polyphenol content: The most special thing about the Koroneiki olive is its high amount of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants naturally present in the oil. The presence of these extremely valuable antioxidants is indicated by the peppery bite. 

Strict labeling and production laws: Greek olive oil is protected by strict labeling and production laws, which means it's never filtered or blended with other oils or fillers

P.D.O Harvested in Kolymvari: The olives are sent to pressing within three days of picking. Additionally, sustainable farming methods to ward off pests and aid in the growth and development of the trees are practiced. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to availability there is a limit of two bottles per order

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