CRETAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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100% Greek superfood. Grown by farmers in Kolimbari, a region recognized by the European Union as a PDO (protected Designation of Origin), known for making olive oil of the highest quality. 

Balanced aromatic flavor: Not too robust or complex which makes it an excellent oil for a variety of recipes.

High polyphenol content: Naturally high amount of polyphenols. The presence of these extremely valuable antioxidants is indicated by the peppery bite. 

Strict labeling and production laws: Greek olive oil is protected by strict labeling and production laws, which means it's never filtered or blended with other oils or fillers

P.D.O Harvested in Kolymvari: This is a law to protect regional foods meant to ensure, for example, that only Champagne from France can be sold as Champagne. 

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