Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/age-check.liquid Whole flower CBD infused olive oil | For cooking and eating well – Sant'Ana

cbd infused olive oil made with whole flower.

Not from extracts, distillates, or isolates.

unprocessed and pure.

For cooking and eating well.

inspired by the island of Crete and its simple way of life.

Made to enhance whatever you like to eat.

Pair with dishes savory or sweet - drizzle over salad, stir into pasta, or add into cakes.

Receive the health benefits of CBD by eating along with vitamin and mineral rich foods that you enjoy.

"Sant’Ana is my go-to olive oil for everything. I use any excuse to implement it in my regimen, multiple times a day and it assimilates itself into all my meals seamlessly. It’s takes away all/any of my minor bodily aches and pains and has a hugely beneficial effect on my mood."

Juliette B. - Maui

"I have taken CBD from various companies (even one targeted for people with epilepsy) and this surpassed them all by a landslide. I was so chilled out after we ate."

Mallane K. - New York

"Leaves me feeling in the moment and calm."

Kate B. - San Diego

"Had it on fresh sourdough bread and it was phenomenal. Honestly I was taken aback by the calming effects. Formula I gives you a euphoric calmness within minutes of consumption. What a delicious way to find an ease and mellow in a time where both are lacking."

Braeden K. - New York

"As someone who recently started enjoying the benefits of CBD and who cooks almost every night, I appreciate the versatility. It's great to be able to use the three formulas for certain dishes (I.e. Formula 3 for heavier dishes, Formula 1 for salads, etc.) And the minimal bottles seem to compliment any table."

Tony H. - New York