CBD Infused Chili Oil

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In food, as in life, too much harmony breeds boredom. To avoid a pileup of blandness, some counterpoint is needed: something to punctuate the dish to give it shape, like chili oil. Ours is enhanced with CBD and three varieties of chilies blended to create an oil with medium-level heat and a bit of smokiness. Mixed it into tahini, or use it to top sautéed vegetables, finish a soup, over burrata, rice, eggs, beans, or raw oysters. Really, it's good on anything you want to festoon with a subtle fiery spice. 

Tasting Notes:

Chilé guajillo- Savory flavor with some natural sweetness
Chilé de arbol- Brings heat + spice with a sharp backburn
Chilé morita- Sweet/smoky flavor with a mid-burn
CBD infused oil- Adds an assertive herbaceous aroma

Independently tested and certified using the COA grading system which verifies the cannabinoids and THC content. View our test results here.

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